Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's about survival in our house.

Times Square with the wind blowing our hair in NYC... so FUN!
The other day Jason came home and I was a bit frazzled. The house was sort of messy and I hadn't prepared dinner or gotten anything organized. I told him I was sorry that it was messy and he replied...."At least you survived, it's all about survival". This made me giggle because its' so true.

Each day it's about survival.

Her first sights of NYC
FAO Schwartz Heaven!!!
We made it to New York and back and we survived! I always stress out before I travel because I start thinking about how much stuff I need to bring, the diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, clothes, stroller, car seat, pack-n-play, money, wallet, etc. etc. (Phew, I just re-lived the anxiety surrounded with traveling) I have come to terms with the fact that time does not stop. So, on the plane we have to just hope that time flies by a bit faster because it definitely can't stop, even if at times it feels like it.

We had a great trip! There were a few rough patches in the road when Lyla got up super early or wouldn't go to bed, but that's okay. The highlight of our trip was the Bronx Zoo. We thouroughly enjoyed seeing each exhibit and Lyla did too!
We spent the trip at Jason's grandfather's condo, which is now his mom's/aunt's.
It was bittersweet.
I kept waiting for him to walk around the corner, it's almost as if I could feel his presence. We were able to visit his gravesite and leave his favorite flowers, dasies. I miss him so much and am glad we got to visit our memorable spots again. He is the person that made NY so memorable, he enabled us to travel there and to see the world. Going back made me feel that he was with us again and would be proud of us. I miss his everlasting, unconditional encouragement for Jason and I. He made us stronger as a couple and individuals. What an amazing man he was.

I think that so far we have survived without him here as a person but he is still in our souls. We LOVE you pops!
Outside of Popa's condo

Our favorite restraunt, Chef Antonios!

Times Square

Navigating the ZOO


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Joanne said...

Great pictures! So glad you had fun, though I know it's hard to revisit the places when someone you love is no longer there.