Sunday, December 19, 2010

The story of SANTA begins

Our neighbors put up a 1980's plastic Santa in their yard. He made his appearance the day after Thanksgiving. Lyla fell in love the day after Thanksgiving. This begins the love story of Lyla and Santa.

Every night Lyla points to the windowsill and wants to be propped up to see Santa. She waves and says "HI". She kisses the window, blows him kisses and then proceeds to tell him "BYE". When we leave to run errands she says "HI" from her car seat and waves at him and sadly says "BYE" when he is out of sight. When I open the front door she points outside and if she's bundled up I let her walk across the street to give Santa his love. She hugs him, kisses him and stands to stare at him. We did end up knocking on the neighbors door and letting them know about the joy their plastic Santa brings to our daughter. We also wanted to let them know that we are not trespassing into their yard on a daily basis for no apparent reason.

With the above love story playing in my head I was fully prepared and excited for Lyla's date with Santa for her annual photo. After 40mins waiting patiently in line we were ushered in by two teenage boys dressed as elf's and no apology for the wait. Lyla was mesmerized by the workshop and said "HI" to Santa. I promptly put her on his lap hoping for an ecstatic reaction but the return was nothing but cries and screams for mommy. With my parents by my side we all waited with no avail. Lyla would not sit on his lap, next to his lap, or near him. Hence our beautiful Santa photo this year is the three of us (Me, Lyla, and Santa). After leaving, she turned her head back to say "BYEEEEEE" with a beautiful charismatic smile. To think about, I was worried she wouldn't keep her cute red bow in her hair (she hates hair accessories), that was the least of her worries.



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