Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the season...

Tis' the season to be JOLLY!

Now, if only my sore throat would go away I would feel so jolly that I would sip on a glass of wine!
I feel like a kid again. Lyla brings out the inner child in me. I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas morning. I am so excited to see her eyes when she has a stocking full of goodies and presents to open. Yes, I know that she will most likely focus on the tissue paper and the boxes, but hey, it's going to be fun fun fun!
I think I'm almost ready for the big events. Christmas Eve will be spent with Jason's family via an Italian style dinner. My yummy homemade lasagna! We will play games, relax and open presents for Lyla. Christmas morning will be family time with only Jason, Lyla and myself (let the fun continue!) then later that day my family will come over for a traditional dinner of ham and potatoes.
Every night before I put Lyla to bed I tell her that Santa is coming and he is going to fly over the moon. He will bring her fun times and lots of presents. I let her know that she will have the best day ever! I rub her head, her belly and kiss her. She excitedly smooches me back and says "ANTA... MOOOOON".
Oh yes, Anta and the Moon are good.
She also loves opening up her advent calendar on a nightly basis. We sit collectively as a family and she opens the little cardboard door to a magical world of chocolate. She is then engrossed in the ability to take out the chocolate and eat it. She usually kisses both of us with gratitude for the mouthwatering sugar goodness. Oh, what fun.... I am definitely NOT a Grinch!
I hope your holiday season is just as delightful and magical as mine. I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Holidays!
Time to start baking!!!
P.S. Need wine? We have some! 
Another new years resolution is to promote my side business more, have wine, will travel!


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