Sunday, January 30, 2011

Night Terrors

Has sickness got you down lately? Well it sure took a toll in the Fulton household! That's my excuse for not writing for a while. It all started right before Christmas (of course!). I felt a tickle in my throat and knew I was doomed for the long holiday stretch ahead. That tickle turned into drainage, coughing, aches and my oh my... just not feeling well. I can tolerate myself being sick but when Lyla gets ill, it's a nightmare! We made it through the holidays and I thought we were in the free and clear. It was then that I should have knocked on wood! All I have to say is that the virus took over our household. I experienced a night terror for the first time. I would never wish this on anyone. For those of you that don't know what a night terror is, let me educate you.

"Children from age two to six are most prone to night terrors, and they affect about fifteen percent of all children, although people of any age may experience them. Episodes may recur for a couple of weeks then suddenly disappear. The symptoms also tend to be different, like the child being unable to recall the experience, and while nearly arisen, hallucinate. Children who have night terrors are usually described as 'bolting upright' with their eyes wide open, with a look of fear and panic, and will often scream. They will usually sweat, breathe fast and have a rapid heart rate (autonomic signs). Although it seems like children are awake during a night terror, they will appear confused, will not be consolable and will not recognize others. Strong evidence has shown that a predisposition to night terrors and other parasomniac disorders can be passed genetically. Though there are a multitude of triggers, emotional stress during the previous day and a high fever are thought to precipitate most episodes. Ensuring the right amount of sleep is an important factor. Special consideration must be used when the subject suffers from narcolepsy, as there may be a link."

Well, the virus is gone, no more night terrors, now I'm just trying to make it day by day!
Back to being a mommy!


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Zøe said...

I sure hope she won't be a sleep walker like her Mama.