Saturday, January 1, 2011

One and a HALF!

Lyla (aka Munchkie, Little L, Lyla Bean, beautiful tiny girl),

The past year and half have been an eye opener for me. You are like a beam of sunshine in each room and you make the world a better place. You keep me in check, you keep my heart open and prevent it from hardening. You make me smile, laugh, cry, giggle, scream, jump, spin, turn, run, skip, tumble and be the best momma around!

I cry at everything. I cry when you are smiling and accomplishing things. Not because I'm sad but because I'm so proud. I'm proud that you are turning out to be a confident, strong little lady. You know what you want, and you know how to get it. You know when it's a good time to give a kiss and a hug and you are not afraid to show your emotions. You communicate with signs and words so well. I am proud to say that I have raised you to be a loving little Lyla. I hope that you continue to bless everyone's life with your enormous heart and soul. The world could use more Lylas!

You are learning to run and you stand in place and run/bounce with a big smile. When I tell you to dance and put your arms in the air you follow my command and do the little running dance with both arms up. You just learned how to do a somersault in Gymnastics and you always try at home but usually get stuck in the downward dog yoga stance.

Baking is your new pleasure. You help me in the kitchen by whisking and stirring your own bowl full of goodies! For Christmas SANTA gave you a new wooden kitchen. You now have your own stove, cookies and tea set for the complete iron chef experience. I'm thinking we should start our own FOOD NETWORK show! Mommy and me!

Some of your new signs include: gloves, socks, orange, turtle, elephant, monkey, please, thank you. You are chatting a lot more and say "moon" at night when we stare out the window.

You sleep through the night. Usually from 7pm to 6:30am. This makes for one happy well rested family. You enjoy going to bed now. We have a routine where we read a book, brush your teeth (or  as you say "TOOTH" and pointing to your teeth), listen to ocean sounds and then go to bed. You are still nursing, and don't want to wean. You give me sloppy kisses before bed. I rub your tummy and your head and tell you how beautiful you are. I let you know how wonderful you are so that you have positively beautiful dreams.

You like it when I sing. My voice isn't the best but to you it's comforting. When I stop singing you tell me "more" in sign language. Your favorites are "On top of spaghetti" and "You are my sunshine". Sometimes you even sing with me. We also stand in the living room and twirl in circles while singing and yelling. We both get so dizzy that we fall over and laugh.

Holding hands and directing is something that comes naturally to you. I really think you will become a CEO or a director of a major corporation, or maybe the President? You will pull my hand and show me what you want me to do. On Thanksgiving you were able to get 5 adults and two teenagers lying on the floor under your direction and then you stood above all of us with pride. On Christmas you showed everyone what you wanted them to do by using your hands and your heart clenching smile. You bounced off with your little blond curls and touched everyones life for the better. You are once again, amazing.

Food has never been a problem with you. You like to pull off your bib so I had to buy ones with snaps. You had three servings of my lasagna on Christmas Eve. You like to eat, but even more when you are sitting on an adults lap. You sign cracker appropriately and also sign please and thank you. What a well mannered girl you are!

You had your first experience with SNOW and daddy dropped you in a pile of it to your unknowing surprise! I think I freaked out more than you did... Smile. You fell on you booty, thank goodness for diapers! You went sledding with me and loved to pull me around. We always have fun. Your dad took us all over the place in the sled and we just got to sit back and enjoy!!

Your dad treats you like a little Angel. You sit and read books with him. He takes you on fun excursions to the hardware store and you love it! You sit with him in the car when  he gets home and you "pretend" to drive. The smile on your face is huge!!! Every Thursday night you guys take out the garbage together. It may seem like a stinky thing but you jump for joy when it's time to roll those tubs down the driveway.

I could go on and on and on about all the little things you do. I think about you all day when I am away at work and can't wait to hear the pitter patter of your feet when I get home.Those are the BEST  hugs ever!
Life is different now, and its better than it was before.
We are the best little family!
Me, you and daddy can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it!



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