Sunday, February 6, 2011


There was a time that I used to think about my New Years eve plans for weeks in advance.
I would plan an outfit, how I would wear my hair, who I would be with, my resolutions, my expectations and ultimately I wanted to have the BEST PARTY EVER! Now, my plans revolve around trying to at least stay up until ten so that I'm not exhausted the next day. This year we went to the seafood market to pick up some fresh halibut, crab cakes and then to the store for goodies galore! We decided to start with a new recipe and have fun together!
We were in bed by ten, had a great night with good food, wine, games (merry go round), relaxing on the couch with Lyla and giving her a recliner to start the year out right!
I know a lot of you had much more exciting events that you attended with fancy outfits, curled hair, makeup, heels, expensive meals and long kisses at midnight. On the contrary, we stayed in with PJ's, homemade meals, popcorn, ice-cream, slippers and family.
I wouldn't change it if you paid me. My new year started out right.... at home with those that I love the most.

Today I reflected on how much my life has changed and how amazing it is to have a family. That's what matters in the end. She wants my approval, my love, my attention and wants to be just like me. So I can only hope that the love I feel for her and my family is reflected in my actions.

Go ahead and take your curled hair and heels to the bar but I'll be at home with PJ's and dancing in the living room until we drop!

New Years Eve 2010

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