Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A true friend doesn't judge, degrade, compete, belittle, battle, or hold resentments.
Friends are hard to find, especially girlfriends.

I have found that with time and life situations it is easy to stray away from friends.
when you have your own family, issues, events, vacations, etc. Friends play a large role in my life. I lean on them for girl talk, wine conversations, laughing, shopping, eating, crying and venting. I would go insane without the occasional girl time that I fit into my ever busy schedule.

My friends are the BEST! I hate to brag, but they are. No matter how much time passes I can sit down and "let it all out". I can laugh at myself, and at them without feeling judged. I can say silly things and look silly but feel 100% confident in their love for me. They have been there for me through the days of having bad acne and horrible bangs (why did I do that?). I darn well know that if they can stick through me having the worst bangs in the world then they can love me for being a busy momma now!

This last weekend we took our annual girls trip to Whidbey Island. To sum it up we had a blast. Some highlights include:
  • "I got knocked up!"
  • Adding extra rum to the rum punch
  • Talking about babies, babies and more babies
  • "Why don't they have an ax?"
  • Gummy bears, worms, dots and tropical dots
  • Drama for your mama!
  • Wine anyone?
  • You can only wear the flower to your left!
  • Can I get some more lettuce with this meal?
  • Clam shells you know where.....
  • "I wanna hang out!"
  • The rest I can't say on here.... but you girls know! 

    Thank you for a FUN time! It made my breastfeeding dilemma seem minuscule and the support from my friends to start weaning was a lifesaver. More to come on the cessation of the MILK for Lyla.


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