Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boogers and Photos

Oh what fun it is to have a 2 year old!
Life is grand!
Here's a sneak peek into our photo shoot from last weekend with the talented Kara Hicks .

We had a blast playing, having leftover lollipops and blowing bubbles.
Of course when I get to see the rest, I'll share! Can't wait!

Lastly, a funny story....
It's been taking Lyla a while to fall asleep at night and after reading books and singing I wait until she is snug in bed and fast asleep, then I tip-toe out of her room. Forty five minutes later I thought I was in the clear until she abruptly turned to me with her eyes wide open and said...
"MOMMY BOOOOGGGER?" and pointed at my nose.
Nope, no booooger here.
Back to bed.




Katie said...

What A beautiful family you have! The light of the Lord clearly shines in your blog~ so glad to 'meet' you, and I look forward to reading on! :)

Rosanna said...

Love the lollipop photos. So sweet!