Monday, August 22, 2011

It's my DAY!

It's my day.
I'm 32 so it's the one day I can get away with whatever I want in my world.
That means Lyla slept in until 7:50 (I think she knew!)

Here are 32 things I'm thankful for in no particular order.

2.)My husband
4.)My family (mom, dad, siblings, everyone!)
5.)Fresh white sheets
6.)Fluffy white towels
7.)Freshly brewed coffee with french vanilla creamer in my 2003 Disney cup
8.)Watching movies with my daughter in her recliner
9.)Lylas tight curls
10.) Lyla's amazing sense of humor (tickling me, laughing at me, etc)
11.) Lyla's intelligence (I love that she is so on top of everything!)
12.) Jason's financial sensibility
13.) Jason's caring heart
14.) My optimal health
15.) My rocking job that is only seven minutes from my house
16.) Starbucks skinny drinks (Carmel machiato being my favorite!)
17.) Craft time (it's few and far between but I love it!)
18.) My girlfriends (we may not see each other often but I know I have the best ones!)
19.) Long walks
20.) Picnics at the park with my babe
21.) Letters in the mail
22.) A email just because
23.) Surprises
24.) Wine, preferably a chilled white glass
25.) Big salads with chicken
26.) Body Sculpt classes
27.) My home that feels safe and secure
28.) My big island in my kitchen that I can cook on
29.) Fresh bright flowers
30.) Laughing so hard it hurts
31.) Holding hands
32.) Kisses


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Rosanna said...

Happy Birthday Angela!!! I'm sure that 32 will be the best year yet! Big hugs to you and your family.