Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The perfect balance

Do you ever feel like you are walking on a tightrope and you're about to fall over the edge?
Sometimes life is like that.
You have to find the right balance and harmony to make all things centered and glorious.

It's okay if you wobble from side to side.
It's okay if your babe doesn't nap one day or she only wants to hold your hand.
Those are all miniscule things.
In the long run a little wobbliness is what makes life FUN!

Just living life to have fun and love one another is what it's all about!
Lyla and I spent two hours at the park yesterday. It was invigorating.
She lights up my life. Just pushing her on the swing for an hour non-stop while she signed "more" "more" and screamed "WEEEEEEEE" made me smile so big that my mouth hurt when we left.
We took a break for a snack of oranges and banannas and then we were back ast it. We ran around the park like no one was there. I didn't leave her side, we enjoyed one anothers presence to the fullest.
We can only live each day once.

We've been mastering balance in the Fulton household and part of that is giving up the worries about the small stuff. There's some dust on my shelves, my carpet has stains from Lyla's sippy cups and some of my walls are beat up from crashes with her toys... but hey, we're having a BLAST!
I left all that worry behind at home and just ran like I was 19 months old with my 19 month old daughter!
She's AMAZING... truly.

Find your wobbly balance and be happy  about it!
It's okay to fall off once in a while, just jump back up.

Updates on Lyla

Fish: ISH
Hannah: HHHHAANA (Friday night babysitter)
Raf:  RAT or RAD
Doug: DUH
Honey: ONEY
Fresh: ESH
Magnet: Megnet

The letter D, C and O

Picking her nose
Blowing her nose
Kissing things when she thinks they are hurt
Holding my hand
Watching a movie with me and resting her head on me
Playing on her own for a little bit
Eating more and more
Climed up the slide at gymnastics for the first time!

Likes: Eggs, avacado, tomato based dishes, pasta, anything I cook for her. Being next to mom or dad. Grandparents. Playmobil toys. Sunglasses. Hats. Running. Looking at digital pictures of herself. Smiling in the mirror. Baths. Wearing my necklases and bracelets. Pretending to get deoderant and perfume. Lipgloss. Brushing her teeth and hair. Singing, dancing and swaying back and forth.

Dislikes: Lettuce, carotts, zucchini, cow's milk, angry faces, mama leaving the house, sitting in her stroller for too long, not having attention on her, Rosie hissing, napping in her crib and boogers.


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