Monday, March 7, 2011


Adults and children obviously see things from different perspectives.
I drive to work, get out of my car, walk into the building and start my day with pretty much the same routine on my work-days. It's second nature to me, I don't take much time to stop and smell the roses.

If I were Lyla it would proceed a little differently.
On the drive to work, she would notice each bird flying by and shout with glee.
She would use her pointer finger to point out each bird and smile.
She would dance in the car to the music, move her head side to side and laugh.
She would shake with happiness when the car would stop and be exctied for the next journey ahead.
Once out of the car she would proceed to look at the ground for treasures, such as rocks or pieces of bark, or merely a pice of trash.
Once found, she would grip the treasure with delight and her upper arms would shake as she smiled from ear to ear.
She would then look at me for my expression of approval and move forward.
Each step would be a new experience to her.
I would still be one of her main focuses as she looks at me with udder adoration, love and trust.

Hopefully I can try to see the world through Lyla's eyes. It seems so much brighter that way!
Spend some time with Lyla, you'll be amazed.

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